Backpain at Work

If you are like me, you experience back pain at work. Ergonomic experts will say it’s because of your work station and its not maximized for ergonomics.

I started reading about orthopedic ergonomic office chairs. I found out that there are millions of people with the same issues as me. A good website that helped me learn a lot on ergonomics is

I always felt pain in my lower back, ergonomic office chairs give you a lot more support in your lower back with built in lumbar supports. This alone is one of the benefits of buying one of these special chairs.

How Ergonomic Chairs Work


Ergonomic chairs are designed with the user in mind. They are designed to give the user relief in stressful areas in the body. They are made to support your weight and make you feel comfortable while sitting for six plus hours a day.

Differences between ergonomic desk chairs and regular office chairs

The differences between regular desk chairs and ergonomic desk chairs is this. Even the best office chairs dont have the support you get from the best ergonomic desk chairs.

Besides the fact the ergonomic chairs look a lot nicer than regualr office chairs, they also have better supporting structures built in. They have built in head rests, which relieve a lot of strain and stress in your neck from sitting all day. They also have lower back support. The lumbar support is positioned in your lower back to give you more there. If you have never had a chair with lower back support than you are missing out. They also have arm rests which support your arms from hanging all day.

After reading up on this, I figured I might as well invest in myself and purchase one of these ergonomic chairs. I mean, I sit so much at work anyway, I might as well do it in style and comfortably. At home I usually game, so I also picked up the most comfortable gaming chair.

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